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We are your digital conveyancing
concierge service.

One Step Ahead

Why We Are The Best​

DealTrack is an extension of your office. Our technical and
legal specialists are pleased to help you with any part of the closing process
  • Need help with your legal documents?
  • Looking for a key service?
  • Need client recommendations?

Everything You Need

In One Place


Never miss a task and always close on schedule. No penalty fees or manual repetitive “checking in” with other parties.


Save staff and client time. No in-person meetings, sign documents safely and securely. 

Real-time Updates

Get immediate notifications of completed tasks and updated documents from other parties.

Digital Conveyance

Increase your office capacity and handle more matters simultaneously. Don’t waste time with manual checks, data entry and follow-ups.

Automated Inquiries

Connected to Tax, Utilities, Land Registry and other services seamlessly to collect required information.


Communicate fast, always securely, directly and with saved history.

Task Creation

Leverage our pre-defined tasks and customize your own to support your organization’s work flow and policies. 

Documented Library

Use our standard legal documents and letters, create your own templates or use ours under your own header and logo.

Digital Uploads

Eliminate data entry errors, improve office efficiency by eliminating time-consuming and repetitive data entry.

360 Real Estate Solutions

Offer the Best Client Experience

With DealTrack, your clients are automatically guided and
notified through every step of the closing process.

Your Privacy & Security

Is Essential

Multi-Factor Authentication

Provides a secure, multi-layered way to access the application and prevent unwanted access.

File Upload Security Encryption

Securely store and retrieve legal documents on our cutting edge servers based in Canada. Client information is private and secure. 

User Access Management

Allows granular user permission controls to fit any organization structure and size.

User Account Authentication

DealTrack uses a secure, extensively audited identity provider platform to store and manage information.

Account Activity Alert & Monitoring

Alerts users in real time of any suspicious activities, such as logins from unidentified devices or unknown locations.

Secure Data Transmission

Data in transit to and from your browser is secured with 256bit SSL encryption. 

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DealTrack is the network your business needs so you can complete
real estate transactions quickly and efficiently.

User-Friendly For Everyone

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Real Estate closings have a lot of tasks, leaving you buried in routine, repetitive work.

DealTrack is an extension of your office. We assist you to increase revenue, streamline processes, and deliver excellent client experiences.

Four steps to success

It's Easy With Our Concierge Team

Get setup, get customized and get efficient,
with our legal and technical experts.


Consultation & Setup

Our specialized team of experts will assess your office needs and guide you through every step. 


Free Certification & Training

Get your ‘DealTrack Certification’ through our online classes and enhance your expertise.


Expert Help 24/5

Our expert team of collaborators is here to help you when you need it.


Collaborate & Succeed

We want to form genuine relationships and collaborate to create solutions that will give you more money and time.