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deals forward.

DealTrack leads you through the natural flow of a real estate transaction and offers the ONLY complete END-TO-END closing workflow.

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Why Lawyers, Agents and Brokers are Joining DealTrack


Accelerate your closings with simple, one-click solutions and reminders to all your tasks.


Input data once to generate all documents and communications.


All stakeholders,
all communication,
all documents,
one place.


Complete Real Estate Transaction Management


Take advantage of our pre-configured documents to send digital signature requests. No wasted time placing signatures in all your documents.

Task Workflow

Leverage our pre-defined tasks to support your organization's work flow and stay on top of your to-do list.

Digital Conveyance

Enter data only once to generate all documents and communication. Eliminate data entry errors and remove time-consuming manual entry.

Document Library

Access our complete collection of legal documents and letters, auto-filled and ready to use under your own header and logo.

Automated Inquiries

Connect to Title Insurance, Tax, Land Registry and other services seamlessly to collect required information.


Connect with real estate agents, clients and mortgage brokers. Never miss a task and always close on schedule.


Know where your leads come from. Measure your office's productivity. Check in on client satisfaction. Monitor your firm's real estate revenue.

Real-time Updates

Get immediate notifications of completed tasks and updated documents from other parties.


Message stakeholders on a fast and secure platform with an extended saved history.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Real Estate closings have a lot of tasks, leaving you buried in routine, repetitive work.

Our application actively reminds or simply completes tasks for you.

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DealTrack has saved real esatet professionals hours of work on each closing. 

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Offer The Best Experience For
All Your Partners

With DealTrack, Clients, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents and Brokers are also automatically guided, connected and communicated with throughout the offer-to-closing process

Automated Communication

Create all partner emails and documents one-time and have access to them for every transaction, to be auto-filled by our system.


Waiting for a client to return a form? Need that Commission Statement? Send automated reminders through our system.

Digital Portal

Offer your partners a digital closing experience. They can access a custom dashboard under your brand, powered by our technology.

It's Easy With Our Concierge Team

Enjoy the service of our team of legal and software experts who will help you every step of the way.

Consultation & Setup

Our experts will assess your office needs and guide you through setting up your account.

Clerk Working group

Join our working group to become an integral part of development of new features and design.

Legal & Technical Experts

Our expert team of collaborators is here to help you when you need it and to listen to feedback.

Collaborate & Succeed

We form genuine relationships and collaborate with you to create solutions that will save you money and time.