About Us

Our Mission

We are on a mission to give everyone involved in a real estate transaction the ability to close their deals easily, quickly, and stress-free. 

DealTrack allows everyone to stay connected and drive their deal forward by keeping stakeholders informed at all times.

Our Values

We value a culture that is built on authentic relationships.  

We set clear and specific commitments, and we meet them.  

We collect, receive, and act upon feedback often. 

We help you and your clients meet goals.  

We are passionate about our work and constantly innovating to produce software solutions that create value for our clients.  

Our communication is simple and direct.

Our Vision

To form genuine relationships and collaborate with our clients to offer them software solutions that give them more money and time. 

Innovation and getting things done can be difficult, we acknowledge that and focus on solutions together. Our clients are our partners.

Our clients will be more productive and less stressed. We are always helpful and strive to form real connections.


How do I get started?

Simply click on the "Get Started" button above to create an account.

What if I use all my pre-paid deals?

No worries, each additional transaction is charged as you go. You can also change your package at any time.

How does DealTrack billing work?

Your account will be charged at the end of each month. You can change or review billing information anytime by clicking on billing in your profile settings.

Can I change my package?

Absolutely. You can increase, decrease, cancel or switch to pay-per billing at any time.

Do other parties in a deal need to be on DealTrack?

No, our system works seamlessly, even with other parties who do not have accounts. You can invite colleagues to join anytime.

Do you really have legal and technical support?

Yes. We have experienced real estate clerks and the best technical specialists ready to assist.

What happens when my free trial is up?

You will be notified to update billing information and then you can keep enjoying the speed, accuracy and convenience of DealTrack.

Who is behind DealTrack?

We are a team of experts who develop leading edge, enterprise-level software. We are not associated with any law firm or lawyer.